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Im easy-going and open-mined person. I cant stand any lie and insincerity. I adore when everything is clean and tidy. My friends consider me to be reliable and responsible person. Im kind, tender and calm but sometimes I can say some words rashly and then Ill be pity about this. Im purposeful and persistent but sometimes even stubborn. Im a very industrial girl. I feel comfortable when good friends are next to me and I know that they will help me to solve any problem. Im rather energetic person thats why what I like to do is to listen to the music and to dance. I like to walk along streets at night and to watch the lights of the native town. Also I enjoy swimming. Sometimes I like to dream about something and then to express my thoughts in my paintings. And of course its a pleasure for me to have fun and to play tricks with my friends. Id like to find a man who is reliable, kind and courageous. Also a very important thing I consider to be ability to compromise in man. Of course it will be a pleasure for me to feel mans tenderness and care everyday and Im ready to do the same in return.

Name: Alla
WhatsApp: +380950946717

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I am optimistic and active by my nature. I love animals. I am a romantic, sensual, caring, attentive and joyful woman. I don’t like false and selfish people. My son is a ray of the sunshine in my life but I want to meet a man who will share everything in the life with me and my son – the pleasures and the difficulties, the happiness and sorrow. I like to grow house plants especially cactuses. I enjoy listening to music. I adore traveling. I dream to travel to different interesting countries getting acquitted with their cultures and mentality peculiarities. I am fond of listening to music. In a free time I enjoy reading interesting books. I like everything that is new for me and that will help me to discover the world. I see him like a reliable man with formed views on life and the family. I am looking for a man who will become a good friend and a caring husband for me and a loving father – for my son.

Name: Irina
WhatsApp: +380 71 332 3341

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I am a very intelligent and well-educated person, and I think education is a must for beautiful girl. I am a kind-hearted and sympathetic person who loves helping people. My principle is to treat people like I want to be treated. Moreover, I am a very communicative and sociable person, and I am able to find common language with anybody. I am a good speaker and listener. Everybody say I am a good company because I don’t judge people but try to understand them. I am considered to be very energetic person so I hate wasting time. I have my own aims and I try to achieve them. I am very critical to myself, and all my life is improving in all the senses of its word. I trust and value devoted people. I care very much about people I love, and family is the most valuable thing for me. I have many interests which are very different. Since my childhood I used to be always active so my hobbies are numerous, and it is not possible to cover them all. I adore traveling because I love getting to know new things and cultures. I like sports, and when I have free time, I play volley-ball with my friends. As I am a communicative person, I love meeting with my friends. Dances are my passion so I often go to the discos. When I am at home, I like reading interesting books and embroidering. I get pleasure from cooking. I love music and astrology. Moreover, I like photography very much, and being photographed too! I am looking for a man who will be a combination of inner and outer beauty. But inner beauty is a must for a man whom I will love. Actually appearance doesn’t matter in comparison with his strong personal characteristics. I would fall in love with a reliable and trustful man who would be funny and adventurous. My ideal match is an independent personality who would love life as I do. I hope he will be understanding and caring.

Name: Zhanna
WhatsApp: +380 931 152546

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Easy going, optimistic, communicative, adventurous and willing to learn new things, interested in philosophy, Russian and English languages, in sports. Working out in the gym, swimming in the pool, reading books, watching TV, dancing at the disco, meeting with friends. I would like to meet a person with whom I could have good conversations, who would have a good sense.

Name: Alisa
WhatsApp: +380 66 436 3720

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I’m a nice, kind, tender, open-minded, educated and easy-going person who doesn’t pretend anything. I don’t tell lie and don’t want to hear it from other people. For me love is the most powerful, strong and crazy feeling that can’t have lie or dishonesty. I’m here not to play games. I’m here because I want to become the second half for someone who will be the same for me. My passion is cooking. I can cook different delicious meals that you haven’t tried before. I love picnics, getting together with family. Nature can give us all beauty we are looking for. That’s why I prefer to be close to the nature. I like dancing, going out, cinema, museums and different activities that I can enjoy with my beloved. Everything can give joy if your beloved is near you. I like walking and going on adventures in nature and places I have not been before – both foreign and domestic, camping in nature, forests, and parks. These things are enjoyment for me. I can’t say what qualities my man has to have. He has to love me because I am looking for passionate and crazy feeling. I would like him to be serious, tender, kind, faithful, interesting in conversations. He has to be a real man.

Name: Ekaterina
WhatsApp: +380 67 832 7527

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