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Additional applications for WhatsApp Android users


Without any doubt, the users of WhatsApp Android version can say it is very useful when it comes to sending instant messages and communicating with people, and rightly so. The only that is required is the Internet connection that will satisfy the requests of the customer. He or She can easily make a phone call, too.

here have been lots of updates of the messenger since it was released for the very first time, and each of them has surely brought a fresh air to the software – new updates, add-ons, useful features of WhatsApp application and similar.

WhatsApp works perfectly natively. However, when it comes to the Android version of the application, there are some cool and useful additional applications that make WhatsApp hundred times better than ever. What are these?

Additional applications for WhatsApp customers – Android platform


To be able to avoid switching between a few apps, the customer can reply to the received message immediately without jumping to WhatsApp. Notifly allows notifications and new messages to pop up in small bubbles or heads on the screen of the device that looks similar to the ones created by Facebook Messenger application. Moreover, the application provides simple light design and is also available for other Android applications.


Whenever it comes to putting WhatsApp profile pictures, the users of the application may have an issue related to not being able to put non-square pictures. Fortunately, the issue can be easily solved with CropShop that works similar to the additional Instagram applications for cropping photos before posting.

Utilizing CropShop for WhatsApp allows to put profile picture without previously cropping it – just the way it looks natively and it perfectly fits as a profile photo. Moreover, the customer can create the blurred background of the chosen photo which provides a square shape. CropShop also allows editing images by applying provided filters before sharing them.


WhatsApp already has a set of good emoji stickers and allows to send GIF as well. But those customers who seem to need some more extra emojis to express their emotions and attitude there is a special application known as Emojidom.

It has more than four thousand of funny, customizable emojis in HD that can be also used for other applications. Moreover, the customer can create his own emoji which will be sent as a graphic image.


This application aggregates all the messages into the one place. It is not just about WhatsApp but also SMS, Messenger, and similar applications. This would be a good option in case the one has a few conversations with the same person, including WhatsApp chat and even WhatsApp group chats.

Siftr Magic Cleaner

Surely, WhatsApp is the place where multiple photos and videos are shared every single day and there are lots of them covering up the storage space of the smartphone belonging to WhatsApp Android user.

This application sorts photos and videos received from the application into the junk files and allows to delete them forever. Moreover, picking the unnecessary photos, videos and similar stuff is actually based on what is necessary and important to user which means it does not delete the files that are used or viewed several times.

Lock For Whats Messenger

The app protects the privacy of the user of WhatsApp locking the application from snoopy and curious eyes. This app is considered to be one of the most ever-reliable applications for an Android operating system that can be downloaded from Play Store. The customer just simply needs to create a unique password or a pattern whilst setting up the installed application.

Undoubtedly, using any of additional software listed above can be highly beneficial for any customer using WhatsApp application on Android device. Though, it is strongly recommended to download the installation package either from developer’s website or trusted Internet resource to avoid the risk of being infected by viruses or getting any dangerous thread.

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