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Are the WhatsApp hack tools really dangerous?


There is a lot of information regarding WhatsApp hack tools and methods on the Internet nowadaysIs it really true? How can a user trust his personal information to the program that seems so easy to crack? We’ll try to answer these questions in this article.

The WhatsApp application is a popular program that is designed for free and unlimited communication. The function of the service is the transfer of text messages and media files via the Internet. But if the owner of the mobile device is in the coverage area of a free Wi-Fi network, then any hack attempts are possible and his personal data can be in danger.

Preventing unauthorized data access

The WhatsApp application is created for mobile device owners and it’s convenient because it works minimized – a person receives a message even when the application is not active. But it’s not always safe to share information in it. Access to the correspondence can be obtained by any third-party application installed on the mobile device. The vulnerability of WhatsApp is a problem only for those devices that are based on Android, Windows Phone, iOS, Symbian, and Java.

WhatsApp application

In such devices, the messenger stores a backup copy of the history of correspondence on the memory card. This memory card is accessed by almost all applications that are installed on this device. Therefore, they can easily crack the WhatsApp and gain access to the information. Hacking someone’s messenger usually requires several steps:

  • Selecting the object, i.e. WhatsApp application installed on the device with one of the vulnerable operating systems mentioned above.
  • Downloading and installing any hacking tool, like WhatsApp sniffer.
  • Sending a message from WhatsApp with any content to the victim.
  • Receiving a reply from this person simultaneously passing the encryption key, which will be used to decrypt the intercepted mail.

If all these points are completed, then it is possible to start reading someone else’s correspondence that will automatically come to intruder’s mobile device.

Surprisingly but experts from Check Point research company found the answer to the question “How to hack WhatsApp?” You can do it using a simple picture, opening which the user will transfer all data to the attacker.

Vulnerability discovered in the web version of WhatsApp

Another way to crack the WhatsApp account was demonstrated by the experts from Check Point. They were able to crack the account with just one picture. The trick is that any WhatsApp user can be sent an inoffensive image with a code embedded in it. After clicking on the picture, the user is forwarded to the site where the malicious code simply retrieves all information about the account. Thus, an attacker can get real-time access to chats, pictures, videos, and even contacts. Moreover, the hacker can pursue the correspondence on behalf of the user.

WhatsApp application

It should be noted that the problem concerns not only WhatsApp but Telegram as well. However, only users using Web-versions of instant messengers were at risk. Despite the severity of the threat, the vulnerability was found by security specialists and already forwarded information to WhatsApp and Telegram, and they, in turn, managed to patch the security issues.

How to read other people’s correspondence?

More than 500 million people use this application and it is quite natural that many of them are interested in how to know the correspondence of other users, whether it is possible to find out with whom they correspond and what they say. Now there are two ways, and we’ll talk about them in more detail.

To do this, you need to have special spyware or force a person to use an unprotected Wi-Fi Internet point. The special spyware application called WhatsApp Sniffer shows the messages of all users who are connected to the same Internet network.

So, according to the developers, the sniffer allows:

  • get complete control of the “victim” account, as if it was your personal WhatsApp account;
  • read messages from all users;
  • send messages to friends of the user on his behalf;
  • change the photo on the avatar;
  • change status;
  • send files and receive them.

WhatsApp application

This works only if there is an open and free Wi-Fi network. All users who have connected to such a network will be “caught”. It is impossible to hide private photos or messages because the program controls all the data in this network. That’s why it’s better to avoid public Wi-Fi points if there is a confidential or private conversation with the application.

These programs are mostly created out of good motives – to protect children from bad company, close ones – from unprofitable decisions, etc. Use the information received wisely and take care of your relatives.

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