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Basic phrases for the best hookup throughout the world with whatsapp


Basic lines for the best hookup anywhere in the world

Of course, every approach should be somewhat individual. However, the most basic phrases can work out in any country. It does not matter how old a woman you are going to hookup is or what she likes to do. Keep in mind that these phrases are mostly for hooking up in real life.

Besides, all these lines are good only when you are hanging out together for at least one evening. They will work perfectly well for you if a girl feels comfortable and safe near you.

Smiling couple drinking coffee together

Having a drink before a casual hookup

No one tells you that you should get drunk completely. Nonetheless, if you say something like, “Would you mind having a drink?” She will definitely agree to do it. What you do is that you make an offer; you do not put her under the pressure.

It is especially important if a woman is quite shy. You will notice if she is ready for the best hookup or not. Anyway, having a few cocktails or shots will only help both of you.

Young couple sitting and chatting together

Finishing the job at the end of the evening

Remember that you should take your girl home safely. She trusts you and expects this thing from you. It is actually important if you have drunk too much. Therefore, be a bit more arrogant and say something like, “Let me get you home, my dear.”

You should be gentle and polite with her at the same time though. Being a macho man is good only when a woman expects it from you. As you suggest, once you get her home, she is ready for a random hookup with you already.

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