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Editing pictures and secrets of using WhatsApp app on iPad


Using of WhatsApp pictures have a major impact on messenger’s capacity to connect people worldwide. Indeed, WhatsApp is definitely a great application when it comes to finally have the opportunity to stay in touch with all close friends and family members. Moreover, it is literally perfect for business purposes allowing customers to create big groups of people related to the same work as well as coming up with so-called official accounts of business companies supporting even small businesses and giving the opportunity to become verified and trusted by the clients.

Tools for editing WhatsApp pictures before sending to other users

On the other hand, the application has many other features that are found helpful and, in fact, most of them are often related to media sharing. WhatsApp allows sending such media files as photos and videos and even different types of documents. Speaking of the media sharing, in most cases WhatsApp pictures take the first place. The first users to see brand new feature related to pictures were the owners of the device running the Apple operating system. The feature allows them to apply a particular filter to the photo they are going to send. Moreover, there are already a few good filters allowing editing and adding different effects that are provided.

WhatsApp pictures

When it comes to Android users, there was a little delay but today they can utilize this WhatsApp additional tool, too. The features work and can be activated in a similar way on both devices. When it comes to Android ones, in particular, it is necessary to follow a few steps in order to finally apply the desired filter

  • After opening the application, the customer needs to jump into any conversation, whether it is an individual or a group
  • Afterward, it is necessary to select a photo and just simply swipe up. The customer will be automatically provided a set of already named filters. Currently, there are five photo filters available to be applied to the picture – Pop, Black, and White, Cool, Chrome and Film.
  • After finally choosing the most appropriate filter, the customer can go back to the editor and tap the sending button.

Hopefully, there will be even more interesting filters in the near future as the new versions of instant messaging WhatsApp app are going to officially come out very soon. As for now, it is important to come up with other additional features and services in order to make the quality of the application even better developing the communication between its users to the completely new level.

How to use WhatsApp on iPad – Apple device issues

WhatsApp pictures

The question of how to use WhatsApp on iPad is probably the most common question asked by iPad owners today. It can be argued that WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging applications nowadays as it provides the opportunities any contemporary person is looking for today: online communication not only on the computer but also on the different mobile devices that are carried literally everywhere.

It is not an issue at all to install WhatsApp on any Android device either it is smartphone or tablet PC, but when it comes to Apple operating system, the owners of iPhones must solve several struggles. The problem is when it comes to the attempt to download the application on the iPad, the customer finds out it is only compatible with iPhone. However, there is still the safe way of utilizing this instant messaging application on iPad with the help of WhatsApp Web version.

WhatsApp pictures

Due to the fact that it is impossible to activate WhatsApp on iPad without iPhone it is necessary to follow particular steps in order to successfully activate it:

  • The Safari browser needs to be opened on iPad the customer wants to have WhatsApp on.
  • Type and visit web WhatsApp.com. Afterward, the user will be automatically redirected to the regularcom website due to visiting this page on the mobile device.
  • To be able to switch back to the desktop version of the instant messaging application, in case the customer utilizes Apple device running the 9th version of the iOS operating system, it is necessary to hold the refresh button for some time and click on the Request Desktop Site. When the main page of the website is finally refreshed and is a desktop version, the customer needs to find a QR code on the screen of iPad.
  • Once the provided QR code is scanned by the mobile device, the customer will afterward see all the messages as well as contacts, recent conversations, group conversations, and other stuff right in front of him on iPad.

The thing that is necessary to remember when it comes to using WhatsApp on iPad is that the user will not be receiving notifications the way they are usually received on any smartphone or even Mac when it comes to WhatsApp Web.

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