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Founder of WhatsApp Brian Acton interesting facts


Founder of WhatsApp Brian Acton together with his close friend and companion Jan Koum created the instant messenger which was successfully released in January 2009. Nowadays WhatsApp definitely takes a huge part of contemporary people’s lives, therefore, out of any other instant messaging application, WhatsApp has the biggest number of users from all over the world.

Here are some interesting and captivating facts life-related to the difficult but successful life of Brian Acton – the difficulties made him create his own motto and become the inspiration to millions of people.

Brian Acton – interesting facts

  • Nowadays WhatsApp has only fifty-five employees.
  • Despite the fact Brian is very successful nowadays, he was kind of the person no one wanted to hire. He worked for Yahoo! as well as Apple Computer and yet was turned down by two well-known companies. Still, that didn’t stop him from creating one of the most popular messaging app in the whole world cooperating with another WhatsApp founder Jan Koum, later his close friend.
  • He attended the University of Central Florida and studied engineering. Later on, in 1991 he graduated from the University of Pennsylvania – there Brian studied economics alongside computer science.
  • Acton also worked for Apple. He was a hardware test engineer.
  • One of the most popular quotes from Brian is

    Life is all about adventure and achieving success or nothing


  • His friend, the co-founder of the instant messaging application, Koum bought an iPhone in 2009 and both realized small Apple Store was about to create brand new apps to use on such devices. Therefore, both decided to make it in the app industry and came up with WhatsApp.
  • Brian is the 190th wealthiest man in the United States.
  • One of his well-known quotes that inspire many people says

    When I joined WhatsApp, I was 38 years old. Opportunity is available to us in all walks of life and at all ages

  • Alongside his close friend Jan Koum, Brian left Yahoo! and both took one year off in order to travel around South America and just dedicate their free time to the things they love.
  • Acton was looking for a job but both Twitter, as well a Facebook, turned him down. Later on, at the beginning of 2014, Acton and his companion Koum sold the WhatsApp application to Facebook for approximately 20 billion dollars. Moreover, as soon as anyone comes up with a brand new emoji, he and his partner are given 500 000 dollars for each freshly developed emoji.

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