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Feminine, calm, very optimistic, balanced and even-tempered but nevertheless – adventurous, passionate and curious about life – this is all about me! I love life and I avoid conflicts. Life is too precious to waste it on conflicts and debates. There’s so much around to love! I am happy when I see smiles of close people I love, when I feel they are full of energy, optimism and vitality. I am looking into the future with hope for the best and eagerness to become happy. Even simple and ordinary at first sight things can make life happy. Do you agree? Then please write to me! Travelling, literature, music, dancing – these are my passion. I have a keen interest in Psychology and foreign languages. I feel these are the areas where I would be successful, perhaps, one day. I love discoveries, horse-back riding and have plunged with an aqualung into the depth of the ocean. I like to fill my life with new bright impressions. At the same time I enjoy comfort of my home, receiving guests, making something delicious for them. You are my partner and my best friend. You’re kind, understanding, loving and reliable. You treasure our relationship, family-oriented, you love children. And hopefully, together we’ll be able to build the most wonderful family, to fill our house with warmth and light that will beckon us back home every evening! I’m looking forward to meeting you…

Name: Olga
Age: 22
WhatsApp: +380 63 148 2726

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I think I am passionate, active, communicative, loyal and kind. I am akin to all types of novelties, try to change time after time, especially the outlooks. I am a conflict free person and always try to be understanding with people I care for! I have many interests, such as dancing, reading esoteric literature, movies, going out with friends, traveling to different destinations and getting new knowledge about other peoples and their cultures. Learning foreign languages is also a passion of mine! And still other… I put much attention to the inner world and here I wish I met an intresting, kind, loyal, decent man.

Name: Eva
Age: 24
WhatsApp: +380 676060978

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I am not a home-sitter though sometimes I like a calm domestic atmosphere. I am an optimist in spite of having two lovely children, I believe that sooner or later I will meet my second half. I like getting new friends and communicate with new and interesting people. Often in life I change my interests. I am easily carried away and fun loving. I like to change my image often. I detest quarrels, rumors within my close circle; I hate lies and try to support friendly relations with my former partners/friends. My basic life priority is my twin-daughters, whose soul balance and life goodness are on the first place for me. I have lots of interests and a special mood for each according to my opportunity and soul balance. I love traveling and would love to visit a lot of countries; public events, concerts, fairs and etc. Sometimes I am fond of different sorts of music; enjoy good restaurants and discos. Also I like reading ironic detective stories or rereading classical literature with a happy end. I like going out of the town with all my family and merry active games on fresh air.

Name: Viktoria
Age: 22
WhatsApp: +380 958 864044

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I am a very well-disposed girl and I am always friendly. I prepossess people by my good nature and sense of humor. Everybody says I am very pleasant to communicate with. I am a very communicative person who can come to an understanding with any person. I like being in a good company of people who share my interests. I am a very understanding person and I adore life. I try to use every single day for my delight because we should use every chance to be happy. My passion is sport. And that is why I have chosen my future profession of physical training teacher because sport is my life. I hate wasting time and my every day is movement ahead to the happiest future. My favorite kind of sports is biathlon. I adore keeping fit. Also I am keen on music because it creates special atmosphere. When I have free time, I love watching romantic films. I want to find a man who would always love and understand me. I want him to be my best friend, my beloved man and my inspiration. I dream to share all my thoughts and opinions with him. My ideal match is the best company for me. He is to be a good person who possesses sense of humor and strength. This man is able to understand and percept me as I am. I would like him to share my interests.

Name: Alisa
Age: 25
WhatsApp: +380 95 842 1623

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I am very sweet, intelligent and diligent woman. Conversation with me is very interesting. I have many interests, good education, good job and many interesting friends. I have a good sense of humor. I value fidelity, decency and sincerity in people. I hope to meet a man with whom it will be pleasant for me to communicate and who will be my real friend for all my life. I am interested in literature, rest at nature, visiting historical places and travels. I also like to cook and care about children. It is very important for me to make my house the nest of happiness and comfort for everybody who lives and comes there. I go in for fitness and try to keep my shape. I want him to be cheerful, interesting and witty, because communication means much to me.

Name: Nika
Age: 24
WhatsApp: +380 446630506

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