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I am a very calm and tender woman pleasant to be around. But it doesnt mean that I am boring. My vivid feature of my character is well-developed sense of humor. It helps me to be always in a good mood. I am a very sensitive and tactful lady. I need care and trust because I am a very good personality who values real and sincere feelings. As I am a very intelligent woman, I have special hobbies and interests. My greatest passion is psychology. It is not only my occupation now but my hobby because psychology helps me in my life greatly. I am interested in other cultures and I desire to communicate with the representatives of other countries. I am keen on outdoor activities and camping. I love classical music and reading very much. I dream to meet a man who would be well-educated and self-confident man, my protector. He is a good person and loves children. My ideal match is very cheerful. As I lead healthy lifestyle, I want my man to have no bad habits. I dream to get acquainted with a balanced man.
Name: Ludmila
Age: 28
WhatsApp+7 (917) 478-90-19

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I am a very quiet and devoted person. My principle of communication with people is to treat people like I want them to treat me. And I always follow this rule. I can’t stand lie and hatred. I value sincerity in people. I am a very sympathetic and kind-hearted lady always ready to help people. As for my interests, I love doing many things. For example, I adore music and I always listen to it because it inspires me. I try to stay in shape because I like to look beautiful. That is why I go in for fitness. When I am at home and I have free time, I love reading as it fills my mind with thoughts. I am keen on theatre and films, and I always go to the cinema or to the theatre with pleasure. My man is to be a reliable and kind-hearted person. He should be responsible for everything he does. I want to get acquainted with a loving man without bad habits. As I love children, my ideal man dotes children and wants to create a strong family. I dream about relationships grounded on mutual understanding and friendship.

Age: 29
WhatsApp+7 (903) 268-22-26

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I am an attractive naturally blonde woman with sparkling blue eyes and feminine figure. I like being a woman – I take care about myself, I like feminine dresses, I have a nice kind character and always try to smile. I like beauty and coziness and like to decorate my home, to accept guests, to please them with good cooking. Sometimes I like to stay alone and dream. I dream about my only one who will be beside me and we will have the possibility to spend wonderful romantic evenings together. I am always honest and faithful with people and wait the same from them. I like everything. I am very easy-going and energetic. So I can join nearly everything – going to the cinema, theatres, picnics, traveling, shopping. I like good books and good music. I would like to meet a man who would be romantic, kind, caring, passionate, reliable. He is serious about marriage and would like to have common babies. I like children so it is not a problem if he already has his own. I think it is very important to have common interests – so, my future soul mate is also very easy-going, enthusiastic, has many friends and the main thing he wants to love and to be loved.

Name: Olesya
Age: 25
WhatsApp+7 (964) 391-50-37

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