WhatsApp messenger guide

Helpful suggestions for WhatsApp Messenger and Viber use


Very few people know about the useful functions of the most popular messengers, like WhatsApp and Viber, but this does not mean that they are hidden from users. It is only necessary to deal with their use.

Thanks to modern smartphones and pocket PCs, messengers are securely integrated into our lives. Today we use them not only for personal communication but also for work and business purposes. Viber and WhatsApp free messengers have become quite acceptable means for communication between employees and even superiors and inferiors.

This practice is fully justified because thanks to these applications we have a convenient and reliable way to exchange the information. Or rather, it will be like this if you activate the necessary options for instant messengers, which we will discuss in more detail later.

Privacy options in WhatsApp and Viber

The settings WhatsApp and other of these programs are very similar to each other, so the algorithm of most actions is the same. First of all, the applications solve the issue of personal privacy. You can hide your application activity from other users by activating the only one setting.

WhatsApp Privacy

You can choose who should see information about the time of your last visit, photo, and status. You can also enable or disable read notifications there. But keep in mind that in case of disabling this feature the same chat data from your friends will be hidden for you.

  • WhatsApp: Settings > Account > Privacy
  • Viber: Settings > Privacy

If you conduct large-scale correspondence in the messenger, it will be more convenient to do it on a full-fledged computer screen. To achieve this, application developers have created a desktop version that runs on a laptop.

  • WhatsApp: In your notebook, go to web.whatsapp.com. Open the application on your smartphone, go to its settings and visit WhatsApp Web. Then bring the smartphone to the laptop’s screen and scan the QR code on the main page of the site.
  • Viber: On the website viber.com download the program to your computer and identify it with your phone number.

Memory saving in WhatsApp and Viber

By the default, all media files are saved in the gallery filling it with unnecessary information. This option can be disabled to save device memory.

  • WhatsApp: Settings > Chats > Deactivate “Save incoming files”.
  • Viber: Settings > Multimedia > Disable “Save to gallery”.

Memory saving in WhatsApp

A copy of the correspondence can be sent to e-mail, thereby saving the data as a file.

  • WhatsApp: Chat > contact name (on iOS) / menu (on Android) > More > Export Chat > E-mail. Each correspondence is sent separately. Specify whether to forward media files from the chat.
  • Viber: Settings > Calls and messages > Send message log. All chats are sent together, but only their text part.

WhatsApp hidden features

Some useful options work only for the WhatsApp application. Turning off notifications of individual chats is among them. If you have no desire to stay in contact with someone just click “Do not Bother” option selecting his name from the contacts. Afterward is necessary to choose the activation period for this option. During the entire period, all audible and visual signals indicating the receipt of a message from this contact will be deactivated.

It is also possible to save an important contact on the home screen. This can only be done on Android devices. To do this, go to the desired chat, click the menu button and select “Add shortcut”. The icon for this chat will appear on your home screen and will always be at hand in case you need it.

WhatsApp hidden features

Displaying data about time the person you are talking to received and read the message, can be also customized. On the iOS device, this information appears when you make a turnleft move of the cloud with the sentence. On the Android device, you need to click on the message, and then press the letter “i” at the top of the screen.

WhatsApp also provides an interesting option: correspondence with yourself, what means that your own phone number can be chosen as the recipient of the correspondence. This is one of the ways to take notes and save them in a chat, which may be more convenient than using a traditional calendar.

If you have been sent important data that will be needed in the future, this message can be noted as a favorite. To do this, click on the cloud with the text and select an asterisk. the iOS operating system keeps selected clouds from a specific contact inside its profile. Android sends tagged lines to a separate “Favorite messages” folder.

WhatsApp allows you to highlight the delivery of notifications from a specific contact with a personalized sound signal. To do this, inside the chat, click on the name of the contact, go to the “Notifications” and select the sound of messages you like.

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