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How to backup WhatsApp messages from Android to iPhone


When purchasing a new iPhone, there may be unforeseen circumstances related to synchronization of the phone book, transfer of accounts, other types of applications, which often creates some inconvenience for the owners of the new device. Particularly relevant is the question of how to backup WhatsApp messages from Android to iPhone.

For instance, this is a fairly common situation where important information remains in the old iPhone. However, a solution to this problem exists. Thus, it is quite possible to transfer chats and history to a new iPhone. Successful transfer of archived messages can be made if the new device uses the old SIM card. This is due to the binding of the WhatsApp account used on the iPhone, to the phone number.

The algorithm itself consists of the following steps: the transfer of contact data, the installation of WhatsApp, the transfer of archives with different types of messages. So, answering the question how to backup WhatsApp messages from Android to iPhone is possible to say that there are several ways to achieve it:

  • By e-mail. Take the old phone and find WhatsApp settings. There select “Chat setup” and click to “Send chats by mail”. The various options of the sending will be shown on the screen. When the most appropriate method is selected, click “Attaching data will increase the size of messages”, which will require special parameters for files transferring.

    After that, you will need to enter your email and press “Send”. When the message is sent, it is possible to view it from WhatsApp using another device. But this will not allow synchronization of information using WhatsApp email on the newly purchased device.

  • Using the recovering function. To do this, you need to create a copy of the message in the WhatsApp on the previous phone and activate the function “Send chats by mail” in the section “Chat setup”. Remove the applications from your old phone, then install WhatsApp on the new device and visit the account using the phone number. After finishing the installation process the message about the possibility to use WhatsApp recovery function will arrive. Agreeing with the recovering all available information will be transferred from Android to the iPhone eliminating certain problems.
  • The process of using the special software. You should download and install Backuptrans WhatsApp Transfer from iPhone to Android on your computer. Then connect both devices to your personal computer. A step-by-step guide on the screen will give some hints for the preparatory process of the transferring the information.
    Run the WhatsApp iPhone and simultaneously view the entire content of the chat. To do this, you need to right-click the desired modification of iPhone, by selecting the necessary function to transfer from iPhone to Android.

Transferring WhatsApp correspondence to another iPhone

Replacing the old device will require the installation of a new program. Then there will be a logical question about transferring information to the new device without losing data.

Transfer of information from iPhone to iPhone:

  1. Visit iCloud.
  2. Activate the function “Backup” (“Storage” in old version).
  3. Wait until the information is saved.

The owner of the new iPhone will have to perform the backup process using the iCloud service. After completing the above steps, you will need to turn on the new phone and restore the data from the archive.

Transferring data from iPhone to Android

  • Create a backup in iCloud.
  • Connect your iPhone to a computer or laptop.
  • Open the messenger and search for the Databases folder.
  • Copy the file (acceptable extension is * .db.crypt) and ensure its safe saving at the desktop or any other place.
  • Ensure reliable connection of the device and personal computer.
  • Then install WhatsApp. Important! Do not run it!
  • The transferred copied file should be placed in a separate folder Databases.

After transferring the copied file, the program will automatically start containing all the correspondence from the old device.

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