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How to transfer WhatsApp to another phone – Sony Ericsson


Sometimes, the information regarding how to transfer WhatsApp to another phone is very necessary because switching to another device can be a serious issue when it comes to transferring all the important information. More specifically, the one related to such applications as WhatsApp containing contact list, list of the conversations, group chats and similar. After learning how to transfer WhatsApp to another phone and following a few safe methods the customer will be able to save all the info and avoid losing it after switching to such device as Sony Phone, also running Android operating system.

transfer WhatsApp to another phone

The first way allows to backup all the WhatsApp chats and media via customer’s personal email. All the conversations and text messages can be sent by email. To be able to do that, the user of WhatsApp needs to open the application and visit its main menu. Afterward, it is necessary to follow a few steps:

  • tap “Options”;
  • go to “Settings” section;
  • click “Chat History”;
  • select “Send Chat History”.

Afterward, the chat history will be attached to the email as a *.txt file. At one time, the customer is allowed to send only up to 10000 messages in just one letter. This method has its pros and cons. Fortunately, there is another safe way to transfer WhatsApp conversations to Sony smartphone or any other device from the device running Android operating system as well as iOS.

Another good option is transferring WhatsApp utilizing the additional application for WhatsApp Android OS, such as dr.fone. It can be downloaded and installed on any desktop. To begin the process of transferring, the customer needs to go for Switch option which is located in the primary window of the installed application.

transfer WhatsApp to another phone

Afterward, it is necessary to connect both devices to the computer using USB cables. As soon as the devices are finally recognized, the information about both devices will be provided and listed on the window. The user can select all the possible folders and other personal data he or she would like to transfer to another device. This is the step where the customer needs to transfer WhatsApp and go for App Data option.

When transferring it to brand new Sony device, the user will be able to see the data transfer progressing on the screen. Moreover, this process does not require too much time. On the other hand, dr.fone has many other options and is a definitely better solution when it comes to transferring photos, videos, contacts, and any application data. It is also absolutely free to use and its design allows to easily discover necessary features and tools.

transfer WhatsApp to another phone

Numerous positive sides of using WhatsApp instant messenger make it very convenient for using on different devices:

  • Very user-friendly interface. Everything is done just a few clicks on the touchscreen.
  • Works in the background. Does not consume a lot of resources and does not discharge the phone’s battery in no time.
  • The multilingual interface makes that the language barrier does not exactly arise.
  • There is no need to talk about that it is very convenient to use for communication with relatives and friends while traveling.

Using the ways described above even the customer with no experience of using the messenger and supporting apps can easily transfer all necessary data to the new device and continue enjoying WhatsApp communication.

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