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Installing WhatsApp desktop Mac OS


Using WhatsApp desktop Mac is a commonly asked question because WhatsApp is the application used by billion of people from all over the planet to communicate with beloved ones, take the participation in several projects and planning new ones in work chat or groups. The application is commonly used on several mobile devices no matter what contemporary operating system they are running. But there is also another way of utilizing and enjoying the features of WhatsApp – on desktops and Mac ones in particular.

How to install WhatsApp application on Mac computers and laptops

The WhatsApp can be easily installed on all the newest versions of Mac operating system. This procedure isn’t so complicated and somewhat similar to how to install WhatsApp on laptop.

So, to be able to enjoy communication with the help of WhatsApp desktop Mac, there are just a few simple steps to follow:

  • Check the Internet connection and downloading speed. Also, be sure that the line is stable else the procedure of downloading the source file can be finished with an error. Open the preferred browser on the computer and go to the official WhatsApp website with the .zip file in the download section.
  • After downloading the file, it must be saved, checked and opened on the computer in order to activate and install the app.
  • When the WhatsApp is finally installed, the user must open it to be able to scan provided QR code using the iOS mobile device in order to log in.

Another way of installing WhatsApp on Mac is finding it on official Apple App Store.

Additional helpful information

  • Do not forget that stable access to the Internet is required to install and connect the WhatsApp.
  • It is also not recommended to download the installation file from suspicious sites. This can be the reason for the potential problem in case if the gadget will get a virus and other malicious software.
  • To install WhatsApp on iPad or Windows device, additional software is required. This is the program iFunBox. It allows putting the WhatsApp on the iPad without the iPhone and without changing the firmware. However, using a PC or laptop is still necessary.
  • The phone number, when used by a messenger, is attached to the device. Therefore, to open the application simultaneously on two gadgets using the same number is impossible. That is, if the one is authorized on the tablet, then the account is automatically deactivated on the smartphone.

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