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Installing WhatsApp on iPad and useful apps for profile pic


After downloading and installing WhatsApp on iPad the users obtain an opportunity to send text messages connecting billion people from different corners of the planet. The messages, as well as video and phone calls, are also featured in the application, therefore, all the actions can be easily done with any Internet connection – Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G.

There is an official WhatsApp version for iPhones. But, it is a known fact that there is no any official WhatsApp application available for iPads. However, it is an incredibly popular application all over the world so there is definitely the way allowing to find a safe workaround. The best thing would be downloading and installing WhatsApp on iPad (or even iPod) Web version – this version of WhatsApp also has lots of useful features and even notifications turned on, which makes it easier to utilize the app on iPad.

WhatsApp desktop Mac

To be able to use the Web version of WhatsApp, it is absolutely necessary to access the app on the device. This can be done with a supporting application from the Apple Store, as well as Safari Browser.

    • Via Safari. Safari is the web browser developed by Apple Company that was released in 2003 as a brand new feature of Mac computer. The users having WhatsApp desktop Mac installed still often prefer this browser to others. Thus, this workaround requires having Safari on the device. Afterward, it is necessary to open the browser and jump to the official WhatsApp website. The loading of the page takes the user to the WhatsApp home page instead of providing Web interface. The next step would be tapping on the provided URL and swiping down afterward. The customer will see the option known as Load Desktop Sit that needs to be chosen. The page the customer is on will be automatically reloaded – after that, the customer will see QR code on the WhatsApp Web interface. The code is necessary to be loaded on the screen in order to pair with another device – iPhone. Using the mentioned device, the user needs to go to the Settings section and scan given QR code to pair both devices. The page on the iPad will be reloaded again displaying all the recent text messages and recently shared media files and documents.

  • Another supporting app. Ordinarily, Safari does not provide the features necessary for utilizing WhatsApp therefore in case the one is looking for the trusted and ever-reliable app to use it on iPad (that will definitely provide notifications, possibility to make a video call etc.) it is highly recommended to take a short look at such developments as Messenger for WhatsApp alongside Messenger Plus. These applications are literally the life saviors for those wanting to finally access the messages on tablets.

Trying various ways of getting WhatsApp messenger on iPad the customer doesn’t spend too much time on its installing and configuring but will be rewarded with the unlimited communication with his friends and beloved ones.

WhatsApp profile pic with no cropping – best apps for iPhone

Square InstaPic – Photo Editor

WhatsApp desktop Mac

Utilizing this additional app for WhatsApp iPhone users makes it possible to edit potential profile picture in a few different ways. It provides such tools as blurring the background of the photo, applying HD filters to the HD photos, changing the ratio of the picture, adding provided emoticons for WhatsApp, as well as patterns and so on. The customer is also provided professional multi-language support

Cymera: Collage and Photo Editor

Surprisingly, this unique application has a special silent mode and also provides the opportunity to create user’s personal filters. Among that, the user of Cymera can discover other useful tools and features such as resizing eyes, smile, face and other parts of the body in general; adding hair, adding text to the picture, softening, slim, creating a collage that can contain up to nine images, ration, and many other ones.

InstaSize Photo Editor Collage

installing WhatsApp on iPad

This additional application allows to fully edit the picture providing the customer light white design and lots of useful features. Among them are applying multiple filters and effects, adding borders, saving edited pictures at a high resolution, utilizing provided background colors and so on.

InstaSquare Size Collage Maker/ Photo Editor InstaSquare

Before setting the WhatsApp profile picture (or adding the one on Instagram), iOS users can create photo collages on InstaSquare that has been developed quite recently. Its features allow the customers to add different filters to a few photos at the same time as well as adjust sharpness, brightness, contrast, temperature, shadow and other effects. Squaring the pictures also provides the opportunity to choose colorful backgrounds.

Moreover, the four applications listed above can be also used for Instagram to be able to post non-cropped pictures.

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