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Latest Whatsapp for Android platform features – creating business profiles


Whatsapp for Android devices definitely takes the leading position when it comes to communicating with friends, creating group chats and similar. However, this is not the end of what this application can really provide nowadays.

Did you know this app is actually very helpful when it comes to developing business and increasing the number of potential clients and customers?

According to WhatsApp latest news, recently the developers have released the separate application specifically created for those who own their business and would like to have the official business accounts for getting in touch with potential clients. Indeed, it will definitely increase the reputation of the company and the number of brand new Whatsapp application customers.

This app is currently available to install only on Whatsapp for Android platform. However, hopefully, there will be a new version of this app released in the near future, for iOS platform as well.

WhatsApp for business

With this new application, the owners of big companies or small business will be able to create special profiles that contain different types of necessary information, which includes:

  • the main detailed description of the business;
  • emails or any other addresses and contacts for the customers;
  • the details of the website that belongs to the company and similar.

Within the application, the user can come across different smart tools and features, such as:

  • quick replies that allow providing fast answers to the requests and several answers of the customers;
  • greetings messages, which provide a quick company overview;
  • away messages, which basically inform the customers of the particular company whenever its staff is not available at the moment.

Moreover, the users of this app have the opportunity to see the statistics of sent messages and learn what types of the messages work best specifically for their company. This version of Whatsapp will also be available on the desktop versions, where such accounts will be definitely listed as business profiles.

WhatsApp for business

In fact, Whatsapp developers also added one important detail related to such accounts. It says that particular businesses will be able to get confirmed profiles once it is finally confirmed that the business number matches Whatsapp Business account number.

Before expanding globally in the whole world, the app is available to download only in the UK, USA, Italy, Indonesia, as well as Mexico. Moreover, according to the statistics, a big number of small companies uses the regular version of the application, therefore, providing a new one will definitely simplify the process of increasing the number of customers worldwide.

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