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Local girls numbers WhatsApp


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I am open hearted and honest, I just can stand lying. To be kind and responsive with each person – is my goal that I try to follow. I am not naive, though trustful. My character is calm and equable, sentimental. And I don’t like solitude. So I like everything that is beautiful and interesting for me like art and literature, admiring the sea and the sky full of stars, going to the cinema or dancingBut I don’t like to do it alone! I want to find a man with good sense of humor, honest and clever.

Name: Ludmila
Age: 22
WhatsApp: +380 66 504 0422

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I am very calm .I am able to pass all the difficulties which come across on my way calmly. I get offended very easily, but at the same time I am very associated .I prefer good society ,especially I like my old friends .I don’t like to put my nose into the others business and of course can’t bear anyone to put his nose into mine. I Don’t like lie, fraud, alkohole .I don’t like those who use lots of alchohole .I can’t bear treachery and I can never forgive treachery even from my lover. Thee most lovely thing for me is to sit at the computer and to get busy with it. I either work with it or get calm by playing with it and every day I find something new and interesting in it. At the same time I like animals very much. The greatest dream for me is to build two Huge homes. One for homeless people, so they will have a roof, the second one for homeless dogs, who need warm and gentle. I shall take care with every dog with pleasure. I would like him to be strict, With a strict glance but calm. Who won’t use alkohole ,who will love sport, animals, children and will be to give the children happy childhood and who will grasp me so I am in real.

Name: Elena
Age: 21
WhatsApp: +380 93 674 2083

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I love my life and I never sit at one place. I am cheerful and sociable. I am purposeful and always know what I want in life. I can say that I am stable in my dicisions and actions. I can be tender and loving woman for my man. I can’t say that I have a lot of interests, as I am a busy woman so the main interest is my job! Still when I have free time I like spending it on the nature. I like traveling and learning the culture and traditions of different countries. One of my passion are ballroom dances. I like watching people dance it. I want to meet the man with soft and kind heart. I am looking for harmony, love and care in the relationships. Faith, family, home, honesty and confidence are very important to me.

Name: Anna
Age: 23
WhatsApp: +380 68 798 2230

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