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New iOS 11 and WhatsApp iPhone compatibility issues


It is a known fact that WhatsApp iPhone application can be easily downloaded on any device runs iOS operating system. However, when it comes to the last version of this operating system, there are some things that have been changed. The users of WhatsApp who utilize it on iPhone with iOS 11 operating system are always shown the notification from the WhatsApp for iPhone app informing them that it is better to avoid closing messenger down by just swiping it up.

WhatsApp and the new features of iOS11

WhatsApp iPhone

Every Apple mobile device, except the latest iPhone X, the customer is allowed to close down currently active applications by double-clicking the Home button on the device. Afterward, the user can close the windows he or she no longer needs to be active. In fact, iPhone X works completely different, which can be an issue for the users and it is actually easy to avoid.

The thing is, when you want to close the apps on recent iPhone X (since it does not have a Home button at all), you have to swipe halfway up the whole screen before holding the particular application and swiping in order to close it. However, the ones who utilize WhatsApp instant messenger application on such devices definitely need to forget about doing that. It can prevent them from receiving the notifications of the app.

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Therefore, they will not be able to read the messages before opening them in the app not to mention the opportunity to preview received stuff. They will not be informed about anything happening in the application.

However, the developers of the application promise that the issue will be quickly solved in the upcoming update of WhatsApp for iPhone and other devices running iOS 11 operating system. They say the application works completely perfect – the only issue is related to changing the settings of it in order to make it easier to utilize when it comes to iPhone users.

Fixing WhatsApp possible issues on iOS11

  • If you are faced with the WhatsApp failure problem immediately after installing iOS 11, most likely, the messenger developers just have not yet updated it for a new operating system. The first thing to do is waiting for the update.
  • If WhatsApp does not work on iOS 11, please check if you have the latest version of the application installed. To download the updated version of the application, you need to go to the App Store – Updates.
  • If you have the latest version of the application loaded, and WhatsApp still refuses to work on iOS 11, try reinstalling the application by deleting it first. You can also try to reboot your iPhone and then run WhatsApp again.

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The new operating system from Apple is designed to provide even more opportunities, safety, and convenience of use for the customers. Using WhatsApp messenger on the iOS devices will definitely bring many happy moments to their owners providing them extra protection from possible threats and potential dangers.

WhatsApp for iPhone resistance and ways of solving the emoji’s vulnerability problem for other devices

One of the detected ways to attack someone’s account is sending thousands of emoticons in one message and the application will close automatically such way blocking victim’s account remotely.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to note that iPhone devices are able to strongly withstand the chaos once caused by emoticons for WhatsApp vulnerability, thanks to special features of WhatsApp for iOS version blocking the application for a few moments only.

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By the way, this problem has a very simple solution. The customer should delete the whole chat not trying to enter it or open the message overfilled with malicious emojis. Still, sometimes this is exactly the purpose of such an unusual way of attacking the device.

Because of the widespread use of WhatsApp emoji, hackers quickly understood that this could be the way to use them for their own criminal purposes. As an example, this can be an attempt by the malicious user to delete the entire chat with the target user and all messages containing any personal, important or other information by forcing the victim to do it himself.

Also, a vulnerability that causes WhatsApp to be disabled using a message consisting of 2,000 special characters has been discovered. The reaction of the developers was quick and they eliminated this vulnerability pretty soon.

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