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Reading and recovering deleted WhatsApp messages and files


The issue of restoring lost WhatsApp messages thrilling the minds of numerous users. The reason is simple. Contemporary instant messengers and social networks applications definitely play the key role in the social life of absolutely any individual. If you are not the member of any of them, you will be cut off from the world and society in general which totally makes you the out-of-the-crowd person. That is why it is important and useful to have such applications on the device and be able to get access to the lost WhatsApp messages and files in case of accidental deleting any piece of information.

Reading and recovering deleted WhatsApp messages

This application is a real lifesaver when it comes to communicating with family members, friends, as well as colleagues. On the other hand, sending text messages can be accompanied by deleting them afterward, which can happen accidentally or deliberately. The entire chat history, which includes all the previously shared content such as text messages, photos, and videos, can be lost at any time. However, there is a chance for iOS users to recover what had been lost.

iCloud Backup

Reading and recovering deleted WhatsApp messages

WhatsApp does not actually save the daily data of the customers on its server. However, it can easily help the users to recover deleted messages. iCloud allows to successfully back up WhatsApp chat history. To be able to do that, the customer whose device runs iOS operating system needs to choose the Chat Backup feature in the settings of WhatsApp. Afterward, it is necessary to uninstall the application and reinstall it again in order to verify the one’s phone number. Then the application will offer you to restore the chat history itself which is the final stage of the process.

Restoring deleted messages from iTunes Backup

Those lucky people who have the rare habit to back up their iPhones to iTunes regularly can easily recover deleted chat history on iTunes. First of all, it is necessary to open the application and connect the device. Afterward, the customer needs to click on the special icon for iPhones and go for Restore Backup feature.

Previewing and recovering deleted WhatsApp messages and different files with the help of additional desktop application

In case the customer wants to avoid utilizing iCloud, as well as iTunes to be able to recover deleted WhatsApp messages and received files, there is an additional desktop application known as iMyFone D-Back. To be able to begin the process of previewing and recovering deleted WhatsApp chat history, download and install the tool on the computer. Afterward, go for the Smart Recovery section and choose the way the data has been lost. In this case, we are interested in choosing Lost or Deleted by Accident option.

Reading and recovering deleted WhatsApp messages

Go for WhatsApp application that will provide in the list the user will see afterward. The next step allows the customer to scan and search for particular lost files and text messages from WhatsApp. After the scanning, there is a chance to preview the data in case there is a necessity to find particular files. Select the messages you need and go for Recover option. Moreover, it is also necessary to choose the desired storage path according to the preferences of the customer.

Reading deleted messages for Android users

So, what is the best way to read deleted text messages the user has received on an Android device? In fact, it can be easily done by installing and activating special app known as Notification History that can be found on Google Play Store. These are the steps that are highly recommended to follow in case the one wants to read deleted messages:

  • After downloading the app, it is necessary to begin searching for Android notification log alongside the timestamp of the messages.
  • In case the customers would like to read the messages without downloading and installing any supporting app on the Android device, there is another way to finish the task. First of all, the user needs to find Widgets on the phone and click on it. Afterward, tap on “Activities” and “Settings” section. Click on “Notification Log”.

Reading and recovering deleted WhatsApp messages

Another thing to remember is that before being able to read deleted text message previously received on WhatsApp, it has to be generated as a notification on the smartphone. On the other hand, the notification log usually shows the communications and chats on any Android device within just a few hours or unless the customer restarts it. Another thing to remember is that there are only first hundred characters available to read when it comes to finally reading deleted WhatsApp messages. Deleted photos and videos still cannot be viewed but hopefully, this feature will also appear in the near future or as a part of WhatsApp beta testing program.

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