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Secret tips for WhatsApp iOS version


Tips for WhatsApp are very demanded despite there is a bunch of new apps appearing every day because WhatsApp is still on the top of its popularity. Moreover, when it comes to the users of the devices running iOS operating system, they can enjoy utilizing several tricks and tools that be easily activated if the user is aware of their existence. So what are the tips for WhatsApp for iPhone owners?

WhatsApp hacks for iOS users

  • The way to disable appearing notification previews. By the default, all the messages WhatsApp user receives appear on the lock screen of the iPhone so that they can be easily previewed. To be able to get rid of that option, simply jump to the “WhatsApp Settings” and go for “Notifications” and “Show Preview” afterward. Then the user can disable showing the preview on the lock screen on the device.
  • Sending messages with Siri. If the user is not in the mood to type long messages, he or she can easily use Siri for help. To activate Siri, iPhone users just need to say “Hey, Siri”. Afterward, it is necessary to say “Send message to (name of the contact) on WhatsApp” and start dictating the message with “Send It” after finishing.
  • Applying different filters to the photos before sending them. The last feature WhatsApp has released recently is available only to iPhone users – from now on they can send edited photos. When sending a picture to a particular recipient, there is an option appearing known as Swipe For Filters that contains the set of a few photos filters that can be easily applied to a few images. In fact, there are approximately six filters available to iOS users but the number of them is hoped to be increased in the near future. Another feature related to this opportunity is that in case the user sends a few photos at once, they will be automatically sent inside one album.
  • Quoting the message the user replies to. One of the features of WhatsApp application is particularly useful when it comes to group chats whenever it is necessary to reply to the message. To be able to activate the feature, the user needs to press particular message he wants to write the reply to and tap the reply option. The quicker and simpler option is swiping on a message from left to right to be able to activate the reply field. The replied text will be quoted and the actual reply will be right next to it.
  • Muting conversations and particular group chats. To be able to mute particular conversation or group chat, it is necessary to choose the chat and swipe left on it so that application’s homescreen appears afterward. Then the user needs to tap “More” and go for the option “Mute”.
  • Replying via Notifications. iOS notifications make it possible to reply to the new WhatsApp messages without going to the app. When the notification is received and shown on the lock screen, it is necessary to swipe left and tap the Reply in order to enter the message.
  • Starring important messages. Nowadays WhatsApp became an application that is used by people from all over the world every single day. Therefore, to avoid losing the track of particularly important messages, iOS users can utilize the “Star” feature for marking received text messages. Afterward, they can be viewed by jumping to the Settings section in “Starred Messages”.

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