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Interesting WhatsApp app news, updates, and events happened in the first half of 2018.

The Blacklist escapers

WhatsApp users have discovered a new bug that allows subscribers to leave the blacklist. They complained about this on Twitter. Due to this vulnerability the users, being previously blocked, still can send messages and view the status of the person who blocked them. Later, a similar problem was confirmed by several other users. And the bug is common among users of both iOS and Android-devices.

WhatsApp for business

WhatsApp developers have not reacted to numerous complaints. Nevertheless, some people found a temporary way to deal with spammers and unwanted contacts. To do this, you first need to unlock the intrusive interlocutors and then ban them again.

The message “freezing” the devices

In early May, the spammers distributed a message in the WhatsApp messenger, which can disable user’s smartphones. Having received such a message, users had to forcefully reboot the device.

Many users complained about a spam message when clicking on that WhatsApp application freezes. If the owner of the Android smartphone will click on the spaces at the end of the message, the application will instantly stop reacting. Restarting the device is enough to fix the problem. Nevertheless, this trick does not work with the devices based on iOS.

Advertisement starting in the messenger

Users of the WhatsApp messenger will face changes in the application in the near future, as the owners are trying to get more profit from it. In 2018, the head of the social network Mark Zuckerberg announced his plans for WhatsApp, which became the reason that the developer Kum left the company. He did not want to participate in such radical changes in the project.

It’s about the fact that in 2018 the messenger would start to show the advertisement, which has never been before. In addition, encryption will be weakened by the ability of third parties access. Jan Koum met with Mark Zuckerberg several times over the past six months, but they could not find the solution suitable for both. Facebook founder intends to get the most benefit from the messenger. So, most likely, there will be mailings from advertisers and banner advertising in chat rooms.

New function appeared in 2018

  • Notifying about number changing. One of the new WhatsApp features in the updated version of the messenger is a feature that allows users to quickly notify the selected contacts about the number change. In addition, the update allows you to save the data received from the previous number, and transfer it to a new one. While it is available only to owners of smartphones on the Android platform, however in the near future the change will be available for the iPhone and Windows Phone. Currently, the new version of the messenger is beta testing, being available since April this year.
  • Track your friends’ activity. In early March, App Store got a special application that allows you to track the activity of your WhatsApp contacts. It can be purchased for less than two dollars to make you aware of what your messenger friends are doing.
  • Chatwatch application. According to the developers, using this application, you can, for example, find out if the selected people from the contact list have communicated with each other. In addition, users of the application can check when the caller last visited WhatsApp, even if the status display is turned off.
  • Viewing WhatsApp deleted messages. Earlier it was reported that WhatsApp found it possible to view messages in the chat, even if the sender deleted them. You can restore messages using the citation function. It turned out that if you answer directly to a particular message, then the quote will remain. Then it can be read even after the sender removes the original. The function is available not only in personal but also in group chats.

WhatsApp changed the order of message forwarding

Thanks to the new notation, the user will be able to understand whether the message was actually written by a friend. An updated version of the WhatsApp messenger includes the “forwarded message” flagging feature.

WhatsApp phone number

According to the developers’ statement, it will accompany those messages that you sent from other users. This additional information will help you better navigate in individual and group chats. The company notes that thanks to this tag, the user will be able to understand whether the message was actually written by a friend or relative or they sent a message written by someone else. Previously, the security of public chats in WhatsApp has become the object of a new study.

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