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Top 3 messenger app in 2018 review


Since the advent of the messenger app, networking around the world has moved to a new level of reality. It is good enough to connect and sent text chat to a contact on your phone, but it is impressive to do much more in voice, video, and text including the ability to send files and share work and personal document with friends and colleagues.

There are hundreds of messenger apps for all types of mobile operating system, but the following three messenger apps are at the top cadre of messaging!

Line Messaging app

Line messenger app is regarded as the champion of communication because it allows all round means of interaction between people using text, voice, and video messaging wherever you may be. The messenger app is downloadable on Google Play, and it’s regarded as a top messenger in 52 countries around the world.

Line Messaging app

The app is available for free download; it is 77 megabytes in size and works fine on Android phones. While I would say this app is excellent because of its robustness, users need to be careful as available reviews warn about privacy issues like photo stalking.

• Have a close conversation with friends and groups anywhere in the world
• Chat with up to 200 contacts at the same time
• Allows face to face video chats with friends
• Chat poll to know what your contacts are thinking on a given topic
• Free voice and video chat
• Share photos, messages, videos, stickers, and voice notes anywhere and anytime
• Effect filters to sort your message and files for secure communication
• Easy to use and fun social networking features
• Search for favorite character sticker at the sticker store from adorable stickers available in the shop
• Auto-sync your mobile device with your computer
• Line out international calls offer

What makes Line a top 3 messenger app?
• It scores 4.2 out of 5-star rating from over 10.8 million plus users
• It has over 500 million installs from 52 countries
• It offers modern communication facilities found in leading messaging apps

• Free

System requirement
Works on Android phones

apple download

BBM Messaging app

Blackberry messenger is a universal free messaging app that offers unique person to person and group chatting features. This app came as part of the blackberry phones and soon found its way to other OS including Android phones. The app changed the way phone messaging use to be and from its many features and operation are other messaging apps are building their features today.

BBM Messaging app

If you have used BBM messenger in the past, you need to try it again because it has changed tremendously from what you used to know back then. BBM download is available for all OS including Blackberry, Android and iOS devices.

The quality of every messenger is in the functions. BBM offers the following features to millions of users around the world.
• Free voice and video calls
• One-on-one messages and group chats
• Thousands of emoticons to express every mood
• Broadcast message to all contacts
• Get the message to deliver and read notices
• Send voice, photo, video, and files
• Be notified when your connection is typing message
• Get localized content and services
• Thousand of stickers, animated and static images available
• Get the latest news
• Hundreds of free games available
• Get favorite football league matches and scores
• Tightly secure privacy with BBM PIN
• Block unwanted users from sending or inviting messages
• Retract messages sent in error
• Private chat
• Create channel useful for several networking activities and great for business
• Subscribe to interesting channels
• Great personalization – status update, photos for only your friends, etc.

What makes BBM a top messenger app?
• Getting 4.3 out of 5 rating from almost 3 million users worldwide isn’t a joke, it is because the app delivers a quality experience
• Over 100 million installs for any Smartphone is a great deal
• Unique support

• Free. But charges may be applied by your network service for using specific features.

System requirement
• Blackberry, Android, and iOS

Imo Messaging app

Imo is a 4.3 out of 5 rated messenger app rated by almost 5 million users. This handy messaging app is available for Android and iPhones with unlimited and free messaging service supporting voice, video and text chats. It allows users to send files in multimedia channels over 2G, 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi networks.

Imo Messaging app

• Voice calls
• Video calls
• Text chat
• Group video calls
• Loads of emoticons
• Fast file sharing including photos, video

What makes the imo top messaging app
• Over 500 million installs
• High user rating 4.3 out of 5 from about 5 million satisfied users

• Free

System requirement
• Available for Android version 4.0 and above

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