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Top 5 WhatsApp emoticons applications for iPhone users


Have you ever wondered about true WhatsApp emoticons meaning using this application every day? As you know, WhatsApp messenger is a cross-platform application for exchanging text, graphics, video and audio messages. It is compatible with iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Nokia, and Windows Phone.

WhatsApp is the most known and used mobile chat application in the world nowadays. Through this application, the customers can exchange both media files and text messages using their smartphones. Also, the opportunity to use the desktop version of the WhatsApp appeared recently. Nowadays this messenger is available for using in different languages worldwide. Nevertheless, the language and meaning of funny smiles showing the mood of the customer remain the same.

Expressing mood and feelings using emoticons

Any good-quality application has the emoticons implemented. WhatsApp is no exception and provides a wide range of emojis for expressing user’s emotions, feelings and mood. To achieve the desired result with no using of them, it would be necessary to write a few extra words, and today in the modern busy world many people simply do not want to waste time for this.

One of the best options related to improving WhatsApp features and abilities is downloading and installing additional applications with emoticons for WhatsApp. Therefore the customer gets the opportunity to change the background image, as well as add some more emojis to the conversation. In fact, the owners of the devices running the iOS operating system can use one of provided five additional emoticon applications to improve the work of WhatsApp, as well as add some new feelings and expressions.


WhatsApp emoticons

After installing this application, iPhone users will be able to get the additional features coming alongside the main app. EmojiFree provides special Emoji words, Custom Emoji style icons, art, cartoon pictures and similar. On the other hand, the app also offers different fonts to add emoticons to WhatsApp and gives the opportunity to edit the emojis. The sharing button makes it possible to share them all over the social media including WhatsApp.



This one has more than 2000 different emojis created for special situations to express any feeling and current mood. Despite the fact all the emoticons are unique, iPhone users can create their own ones specifically for WhatsApp without installing the additional keyboard.

Emoji Keypad

Unlikely to the previous applications for iPhone, this one is not free but the price of it is not too high. However, what it provides to the customers is really worth trying. It offers amazing stickers, fonts, backgrounds and similar features for fast editing that allow to come up with a unique emoji for friends and family members.


WhatsApp emoticons

One of the basic supporting emoticon application for WhatsApp customers is emoji which is absolutely free. Moreover, it provides full freedom of utilizing the emoticons and even has the possibility to send the emojis from the game the customers play on his or her iPhone.


In case the customer would like to add more colors to the chat with close friends, companions, and other people, there is a perfect supporting application that can fulfill that task. This one allows the users of WhatsApp to drag different emoticons as well as create unique and personalized ones that can be easily sent to WhatsApp and many other social media of the customer’s choice. Moreover, the user of Emojiyo is allowed to edit already created emoticons and even save them to the personal gallery.

Where is possible to get additional information and description of emoticons?

iPhone users with installed WhatsApp application have the possibility to turn on the special function on their devices. To activate it, the one needs to install the automatic pronunciation allowing getting information regarding the purpose and name of a smile. The installation should be done the next way:

  • Open the settings menu on the phone.
  • Select the universal access submenu.

Next, it is necessary to adjust the speech parameters, that is, the voice that will say the emoji meaning, namely, the speed of speech. To achieve this, select the item “Select aloud”, and there find the adjustment of the speed of speech (pronunciation of words).

The understanding of the emoticons and the meaning of the smileys in WhatsApp or in any other messenger application (that is, an explanation of what they mean) is an interesting subject for studying to anyone who keeps up to date and likes to communicate in a variety of instant messengers. Everyone can introduce his own, different from the generally accepted view of the definition of this colorful element of Internet communication in the WhatsApp.

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