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Top guide on how to install WhatsApp for Android


WhatsApp continues to improve with every passing day; thanks to advanced communication technology. The restrictions experienced in the early days of WhatsApp are no longer a big deal today. You can run WhatsApp on tablet and any phone you want with or without SIM card if you know how to install WhatsApp messenger for tablets and other Android devices.

As techies continue to understand the working behind WhatsApp technology and with more releases of WhatsApp across platforms, WhatsApp is gaining ground in different countries, and everyone wants to be on it. Gone are the days you cannot use WhatsApp unless you have your installed phone on hand, but today you can install the same WhatsApp of multiple phones and enjoy unfettered access to WhatsApp for tablet devices and any phone of your choice including on computers.

We shall be discussing Top guide on how to install WhatsApp for Android touching on three different methods including installing WhatsApp without Number, without SIM card, using fake Number. WhatsApp can be installed on multiple devices. You will find this discussion useful for different application of WhatsApp for everyday use. This top guide will be most useful for iOS users and tablet device users.

Let’s go on this exciting ride!

Method#1: How to Activate WhatsApp without Number

With this method, we can run WhatsApp on tablet devices without number by following these steps:

1. Uninstall existing WhatsApp. To make this process to work, you need first to take out your current WhatsApp on your phone. To do this, copy and back up your files and uninstall your existing WhatsApp.
2. Install new WhatsApp. Go to your Play Store Google or Apple Play Store) and download and install WhatsApp to have a fresh start.
3. Block verification message. Once you installed a new WhatsApp, the app sends a 6-digit code to verify your phone, but you don’t need to do the verification this way. Therefore, set your phone to Flight Mode to block the message from coming into your phone.
4. Install Android Spoof Text Message app. Before you proceed from step 3 above, you need to install Spoof Text Message app for Android; iOS users can locate the Fake-A-Message app and install for the same purpose as Android users. Follow the installation process and supply detailed information needed by the apps and continue with your WhatsApp installation. The detailed to enter is as shown below:
• To: (+447900347295)
• FROM: + (Your country code followed by your phone number)
• Message: (Your email address)

5. Enter other phone numbers. Proceed from where you branched off in step 4 and entered any phone number other than your own for your installed WhatsApp application.
6. Get a failed verification. The action you took in step 5 by entering a wrong phone number will cause the verification to fail over the internet; it will ask for alternative means of verification. With this, you can use SMS or email address verification.
7. Cancel authorization. After the wrong number, click the Submit button and immediately click the Cancel button to stop the Authorization procedure.
8. Use Spoof Text Message. The brief authorization procedure that you canceled would have sent to the fake number for verification, and this is what makes this method WhatsApp without number verification. At this point, your WhatsApp is up and running on your device. Congratulations!

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Method #2: to Activate WhatsApp without Using Mobile Number

This method allows you to run WhatsApp on tablet or any phone without any mobile phone number verification on your device. This is another exciting procedure you will love!

1. Use your landline phone. Of course, WhatsApp is not for your landline phone, but we will be using that number to power WhatsApp messenger for tablets; this will amaze you!
2. Install WhatsApp up to point needing phone verification and use landline number in place of your mobile number.
3. Receive verification message. After entering the landline message, it’s time to expect it on your landline screen. Instead of verifying using SMS, ignore this option and opt for “Call me” option. The call me will deliver a 6 digit code, keep it handy for the next process.
4. Enter the verification code. Finally, punch the 6-digit verification code in the WhatsApp verification space and hit the send key to activate WhatsApp on your device.

This process can be used for any device as long as you can get WhatsApp app to run on it.

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Method #3: Activate WhatsApp with Fake Number

This procedure is like the first, but we will be using Textnow on your device to get fake verification number.

1. Download and install Textnow. The first things to do on your device are downloading and install Textnow on your device; any Smartphone device that can access the internet would do.
2. Provide the Textnow number. After installing Textnow, you will need to provide a customs number for Textnow to use.
3. Use Textnow number for verification. After you have completed the installation, you will need to use the Textnow number for WhatsApp without SIM activation.
4. Enter Textnow number. During the process of setting up your WhatsApp, you will be prompted for a number, enter the Textnow number for the verification.
5. Wait for failed verification update. After you waited a few minutes, you will get an update announcing the failed WhatsApp SMS verification.
6. Opt for ‘Call me.’ After you got the failed notification, request for a call option by tapping the “Call me” option.
7. Receive the call. After you wait for a few seconds, you should get a call on Textnow passing across the verification code. Get the code ready for the next step.
8. Enter the code. In the prompt to enter the verification code that follows the call, enter the code you just recorded in the space and hit the send button.
9. Congrats! After entering the verification code you got from the fake phone number, your WhatsApp is now verified and ready to start messaging!

Knowledge is power! Not many people understand they can install WhatsApp messenger for tablets and also using different activation procedures. Now you know that without a mobile phone number, without verification code and with a fake number, you can activate WhatsApp on any device of your choice.

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