WhatsApp messenger guide

WhatsApp messenger and its using on phone/smartphone


WhatsApp messenger is instant messaging system between users using the Internet. It allows sending text messages, various kinds of images, audio and video recordings, etc. It is supported by many platforms, including such popular ones as Android, iOS, Windows, Windows Mobile, Nokia Symbian, etc.

The first launch of the application took place back in 2009. It is alleged that by April 2012, WhatsApp users sent more than 2 billion messages daily, and by August of the same year, their number had reached 10 billion.

Unfortunately, the exact number of people using WhatsApp messenger is not disclosed, but according to some sources, in the spring of 2016, the application was used by more than 1 billion users! Agree, the figure is impressive.

It is believed that the emergence of instant messengers like WhatsApp or Viber has had a very negative impact on the profits of cellular telecommunications operators around the world. So, their losses due to the fact that users are less likely to use SMS messages, are tens, if not hundreds of billions of US dollars. However, telecom operators began offering tariff packages with mobile traffic, which partly compensated for the loss of funds.

It is interesting that until the beginning of 2016 WhatsApp was paid application. Though, the cost can be called symbolic – 1 US dollar per year, starting from the second year of using. It is difficult to say why the messenger was paid because it is unlikely that this way the creators tried to make money on it. Whatever it was, now WhatsApp is free, as well as most other known instant messengers.

In early 2014 WhatsApp was purchased by Facebook for an astronomical sum of 19 billion dollars. In this case, only 4 billion were transferred in cash, another 12 billion were transferred in Facebook shares, and the remaining 3 billion founders and WhatsApp employees were to receive within 4 years from the closing date of the transaction.

WhatsApp is often criticized for security algorithms, including encryption. Thus, it is alleged that, for example, until August 2012, messages were sent without encryption, as a result of which they could be intercepted. Despite this, WhatsApp is still one of the most popular instant messengers in the world.

How to use WhatsApp?

This is really very simple. First, you need to find and download the application to your smartphone.

This easily can be done:

After installation, you need to run WhatsApp and go through a fast registration. The peculiarity of the application is that the user’s mobile number is used as the login, and the application automatically receives access to the phone book. By logging into WhatsApp’s contacts, you’ll immediately see your friends who use the application and can start communicating with them.

How does the communication work? You can send messages or call them directly. The fee for this is not charged, except for mobile traffic. You can also use group chats that combine several users at once, leave voice messages, send images or videos, etc.

All this is so simple that you will easily understand where and what buttons you need to press. This is the main advantage of using WhatsApp.

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