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Ways to add contact to WhatsApp on different devices


WhatsApp differs from other messengers by not having to add contacts from the phone book if you are using the official version of the application on a supported device. In other cases, everything is not so easy. When you install the messenger on the tablet, the contact list will not be copied automatically, and you will have to manually add each user what is the reason of frequently asked questions how to add contact to WhatsApp.

Therefore, the information we have collected for you will help to understand how to correctly add a friend to the messenger’s contact list. So, we offer you several ways to do this: add the person directly to the application list or to the phone book.

Add a friend by the phone number directly  in the WhatsApp

If you have problems displaying friends in WhatsApp, but you know for sure that these users are in your phone book, you must fulfill several conditions:

  • Check whether the messenger is actually installed on the friend’s smartphone, and ask him does he really know how to use WhatsApp. The utility allows you to communicate only to those people who use the application.
  • In the phone book, the display or visibility of contacts for all groups (Family, Friends, Colleagues) and accounts (Google, SIM, Phone) should be set.
  • The latest version of WhatsApp is installed.
  • The contact list in WhatsApp has been updated.
  • Make sure the phone number is entered correctly, then enter it again. If this is an international number, consider that it should start with a “+” sign without additional characters.

how to use WhatsApp

Start WhatsApp and go to the “Contacts” or “Favorites” list by clicking “Update”. If the user does not appear in the list, then proceed to the next steps:

  • run the program;
  • go to the menu;
  • select “Tell a friend”;
  • decide on the method of invitation: by e-mail, SMS, or the social network;
  • enter the text of the message the way to let your friend understand that this is written by you and the SMS is not advertising or spam.:

Add a contact on the iPhone

  • start the messenger on your iPhone;
  • go to the “Contacts” section;
  • click on “+” on the upper panel near “All”;
  • enter the number and the name of the invited person.

Add a person on Android device

  • open the WhatsApp application on Android;
  • go to the “Contacts” item;
  • click on the logo of the person with “+” located in the upper panel near the magnifying glass icon (search);
  • specify the name and phone number of the friend;
  • click Save.

In the browser version of the instant messenger WhatsApp, you can not edit the list of the people you stay in contact with.

Adding someone through a phone’s contact list

Adding a number to the contact list on your mobile phone is another solution for how to add someone on WhatsApp because it will automatically appear in the application for communication. The same goes for removal. If you do not want the number to be recorded on the phone, use the method above.

For iPhone:

  • Go to the address book.
  • At the bottom of the screen on the panel, select the “Keypad” button.
  • The keyboard for entering phone number will appear.
  • On the left in the top panel, click on the icon of the man with “+”.
  • Click Add Contact;
  • Indicate the name of the man you are going to add.

For Android:

WhatsApp for Android

  • Go to the “Menu”.
  • Click on the “Contacts” icon in the blue and white style.
  • In the right corner of the bottom panel click on the logo of the little man with a “+” sign.
  • Choose where you would like to add the number: SIM-card, phone, Google,
  • Specify the data: name, phone number, additional information.
  • Confirm the addition by clicking on the check mark in the left corner of the top panel.

For Blackberry:

  • Go to the phone book from Blackberry’s phone.
  • In the bottom panel near the menu item, click on the icon with the image of the man with “+”.
  • Enter the information: name, phone number.
  • Start WhatsApp.
  • In the menu bar at the bottom of the screen, press on “Favorites”.
  • Click Update.

Now the name of the person should appear in the list.

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