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WhatsApp deleted messages reading options and innovations


The need for accessing WhatsApp deleted messages is probably familiar to every messenger customer. WhatsApp is the biggest instant messaging app that is highly used for communication utilizing contemporary devices nowadays. It has lots of features and tools and ordinarily, people wonder how to be able to read the messages already erased from messenger if that is actually possible?

How to read WhatsApp deleted messages

Some time ago WhatsApp released their latest feature that has always been available on other communication services but is still quite new for WhatsApp itself. The feature is commonly known as Delete For Everyone and is related to deleting sent text messages. However, the users of WhatsApp noticed that this feature has its pros and cons.

In fact, the feature allows the customers to remove particular text messages whether they are the part of the individual conversation or a group chat. However, it can be only removed within seven minutes after sending it. On the other hand, the application does not actually delete the received text message. The thing is, the recipient still has the chance to read it due to the message being stored in the notification panel (log) of the Android system. More specifically, this feature is related to only WhatsApp for Android smartphones.

Please note that notification history also works imperfectly. The notification log is available for several hours and is automatically deleted when the system is restarted. In addition, you can only read the first 100 characters of deleted messages, so if you received a large text the notification history will not help. Deleted photos and videos, obviously cannot be viewed at all, because it is only about the text.

Latest WhatsApp Desktop version for Microsoft

In fact, Whatsapp Desktop messenger is the application that has been released quite recently. This is for sure one of the well-known and widely used communicators nowadays. It provides the opportunity to be in contact with friends and companions, send text messages, make video and voice calls.

WhatsApp desktop Mac

The only thing required is Internet connection of particular quality depending on the needs of the user. Whatsapp is used by more than a billion customers from all over the world and it seems like this number is even high due to the recently developed desktop version for small businesses and corporations application.

Since 2016, the developers of Whatsapp service for messaging have been offering and providing its customers the opportunity to utilize the application on the desktops with Windows family operating system.

According to the last news about WhatsApp, they have finally released a brand new desktop version for the devices running Microsoft Windows 10 recently. Before officially representing it in the Microsoft Store, the developers of this messenger’s version had been testing for some time using the features of the official desktop beta testing program.

WhatsApp Messenger payment system

The success of WhatsApp in countries like India, Brazil and South Africa is due to the high market entry of smartphones, but the desktop versions help the service compete with other similar instant messengers such as iMessenger, WeChat, and Skype.

In fact, the application has its multiple advantages the users can experience whilst utilize it on the desktop, such as:

  • The opportunity to share files of any types.
  • Sending different GIF files, as well as emoticons.
  • Editing personal profile is also supported (remove the standard welcome label, and also replace the main image).
  • Viewing Status Updates that are ordinarily created by other users from the contact list on the main page of the application.
  • Enabling push notifications that allow avoiding missing receiving the message from other users in the customer’s contact list.

Also, you can scale the size of the elements on the screen, which is quite a useful thing for devices on Windows 10. You can also turn off or turn on the sound, archive individual branches of conversation with messages and stuff like that. Search by dialogue is also present.

WhatsApp iPhone

Hopefully, there will be even a lot more features and tools available on the Whatsapp desktop version in the near future. As for now, it still does not support video calls nor voice calls. Moreover, it will only work as an additional app or extension supporting app which means the user has to have the messenger installed on the smartphone, as well as an already created account with a verified number.

Ordinarily, only the customers who have been previously chosen to test the latest desktop application version could get the chance to finally obtain access to their Facebook accounts. The ones who have not been selected, have to wait for the official release of the program in different countries very soon.

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