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WhatsApp Messenger payment system and landline number


WhatsApp messenger recently launched its own service WhatsApp Pay intended for money transfers, payment for services and purchases through a smartphone. The payment service is still running in the test mode in the beta version of the messenger and in India only.

The history

For the first time, the information about the developers’ plans to add the function of making money transfers to the WhatsApp Business appeared at the beginning of last year. And for a whole year, nothing was known about the process of implementing the service.

WhatsApp Business

In early February 2018, the MacRumors.com posted screenshots of the WhatsApp Pay service pages, announcing the beginning of testing of remittances among beta testers of the messenger. It is also known that the new payment system is launched as a part of government program Digital India. It is expected that with the help of innovation, the ability to make money transfers will receive as many as 200 million users, namely, this is the size of the audience of the messenger in India.

Features of the payment system

It is worth adding that the payment system will work on the principle of P2P and be based on UPI. This means all money transactions are carried out through the UPI (Unified Payments Interface) which is a system of payments created and implemented by National Payments Corporation of India for mitigating fast, secure and reliable transactions between banks. And the Reserve Bank of India is responsible for controlling the system.

WhatsApp Messenger payment system

Currently, the beta version is available on iOS and Android devices, and money transfers are only possible between WhatsApp Pay purses. However, the developers are planning to create special conditions to let the payment system work with other services.

The company has already concluded the agreements with leading banks in India, including the State Bank, Axis Bank, HDFC Bank, and ICICI Bank. Thus, users will be able to synchronize a new payment service with their bank card.

How to use

To be able to use all features of the messenger and send money through WhatsApp application is necessary:

  • to register using a simple registration form;
  • to confirm the customer’s phone number;
  • to agree with the terms of using the service.

All money transactions are carried out directly using the phone number, which greatly simplifies the process of sending money.

It is also worth mentioning that WhatsApp developers do not plan to take a fee for transferring money from one account to another.

Landline for WhatsApp

The developers of the main WhatsApp have completely changed the game after launching an application for business. In fact, this app with brand new useful features greatly expands the opportunities allowing businesses, corporations, and similar establishments to create an official page on WhatsApp in order to stay in contact with their clients directly. This is an official and for sure the securest way to contact with customers, as well as potential ones.

Landline for WhatsApp

But do you know that brand new development – WhatsApp Business – also offers the feature never used before. Now the messenger provides the possibility of connecting WhatsApp account to the landline number.

For business and private use

Even though this brand new application is highly recommended for the businesses from all over the world, literally every usual customer can grab the chance and download this for personal usage. The only thing required is a smartphone in order to have the opportunity to run the application. Also, to be able to activate and verify the landline number instead of a mobile one that is usually associated with a user’s SIM card, the customer needs to go for the Call Me option he will be suggested with.

WhatsApp Business

Ordinarily, in order to verify mobile number the customer, the application sends SMS with a number the user needs to enter to continue utilizing WhatsApp. In the case of a landline number, the customer receives the phone call and verifies the number so. This allows people to easily utilize WhatsApp, as well as WhatsApp Business with a verified landline number on any contemporary device.

What’s new

The features of the recently developed application remain absolutely the same. Moreover, the developers of WhatsApp Business added a couple of new features and tricks that make the process of utilizing the app even more comfortable. In fact, the application is now available in Asia, in India in particular, allowing small and medium businesses to create official profiles on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Business

The application also launched the feature commonly known as “Delete for everyone” which basically provides the opportunity to delete any type of the sent messages within seven minutes. Moreover, recently launched a new version of the Android operating system allows using WhatsApp settings to configure smart notifications (Notification Channel system) in order to choose all the necessary WhatsApp received stuff the customer needs to be informed about.

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