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WhatsApp recovery software for Android


According to the surveys, WhatsApp recovery utilities are extremely popular because WhatsApp messenger is the contemporary application that is considered to have the biggest number of users from all over the world. Moreover, every day there is at least a billion of brand new customers appearing and starting utilizing the app. It has become a part of people’s daily routine to check the notifications and new messages on WhatsApp.

But sometimes it can come to the situation where the user accidentally deletes or loses necessary data such as photos and videos. Fortunately, there is always a simple way to fix that and solve the problem. Here is the list of the best WhatsApp recovery software that provides fast recovery of any deleted data.

Android recovery software:

  • dr.fone – Recovery & Transfer wirelessly & Backup. The pros of this application are the opportunity to recover certain files selectively, as well as transfer both deleted files and the ones that already exist from the Android device to the desktop. Moreover, there is a simple guide the customer is highly recommended to follow in order to correctly recover deleted WhatsApp files.
  • Recova Wizard. This application is absolutely free to utilize and one of the main advantages it provides is quickly scanning the device and discovering the files that ought to be recovered by the request of the user.
  • MyJad Android data recovery. Another free application for recovering deleted WhatsApp data, as well as many other files on any Android device. It also recovers video files, deleted music, audio and similar. On the other hand, recovered WhatsApp or any other data can be easily saved on Google Drive. The only cons about MyJad is that it does not provide full information and details about recovered data and files.
  • Remo Recover For Android. This app is very fast and also has beautiful light design compatible with all desktop versions. It is also very fast and allows to recover different files previously previewing them. It is also necessary to notice that the provided application recovers only the files that have been accidentally deleted.
  • Jihosoft Mobile Recovery for Android. This program for recovering deleted WhatsApp data alongside many other files of any Android device (smartphones and PC tablets) allows fast and easy device scanning as well as finding and recovering necessary files from internal and external memory.

In case if the user doesn’t want to use special recovery utilities preferring to do everything using internal features of WhatsApp application it is worth to know that every day, the messenger automatically creates backups on the mobile device. A special folder where the message history is stored is placed on the microSD card or internal memory of the smartphone.

So, to restore deleted correspondence on Android device one will need to remove the program and reinstall it on the phone. During installation, the application prompts to restore the message history. Remember that too old backups, unfortunately, can not be returned.

It is important to know that it is possible to restore only a week old messages on the Android OS. If they were deleted even a few days later and a backup copy wasn’t made, then they are lost forever.
If words and emotions of the interlocutor, sent in the messages are very important don’t forget to create a message backup.

The correspondence can be saved using the function “Backup chats”, which can be found in the “Settings” section of the application. From now the customer doesn’t have to worry about valuable information. It will be safely stored in the memory of the mobile device.

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