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WhatsApp secret tricks to expand messenger’s opportunities


Using WhatsApp secret tricks can bring a completely new experience for any messenger lover.  In fact, the WhatsApp chat application was designed to be easy to use. But this does not mean that there are no unobvious functions, tricks, and opportunities in it. Here follows the top ten most interesting of them.

1. Web-version

WhatsApp desktop application

Using WhatsApp on the desktop may have some positive sides and one of them is a large screen and comfortable keyword you got used to. So, if you would like to experience all bonuses of using the web version among numerous helpful tricks on WhatsApp, you need to find the WhatsApp Web function in the program menu first. After visiting the website of the messenger and scanning the QR code with your phone you will let the program know that it’s your personal account. This is so-called identity procedure just for security purposes and won’t take a lot of your time. After passing it you could enjoy all the benefits of your favorite messenger on the large screen.

2. Delivering and reading confirmation

To find out exactly when the message reached the destination and was actually displayed on the recipient’s screen, in iOS make the left “whirl” and place the finger and keep it until the Info button (the circled “i”) appears at the upper part of the display in Android. Now your buddies can no longer cheat you telling that they saw the message “too late”!

3. Mute group chats

WhatsApp Mute group chats

One of the strengths of WhatsApp is the possibility of group communication. However, if the group is large, and there are a lot of participants and they are talkative, the chat can very quickly make you bored with constant notifications of fresh mail. Google operating system users can find WhatsApp notification feature to define the exact tone and blast of just arrived mail. To complete silent them, start the chat window and hold the sign for the menu (Android) or the name of the group (iOS). There is possible could locate Mute button which can mute sound for a couple of hours, 7 days or even a whole year. Android users also can be certain that notifications are still displayed, but silently.

4. Sending a chat via email

Maybe you want the chat to be saved, remind your partners about the arrangements, or share a specific conversation with someone. Whatever the reason, sending chat emails in this application is an easy task. The sent version even includes pictures and emoji smiles.

Android lovers may proceed to the chat, click the key menu, then select “More” and “Email chat”. In iOS, this function is activated by clicking on the chat’s upper line. Sending, in either case, will be done using the e-mail program made the default by the user.

5. Setting the hot contacts

WhatsApp Setting the hot contacts

This attribute exists only for Android powered devices. Start the chat window from the menu selecting more and shortcut add. As a result of this action, the icon with the photo and the name of your talking companion will appear on the main screen. The click on this icon will immediately start the chat with this person. The only negative side is that it is impossible to add the customized name and photo. It will look exactly the way it was initially created by the messenger.

6. Functions for additional privacy protection

Do not want everyone to be aware of the time of your last online visit? This can be disabled using the account and privacy menu points. Nevertheless, you will not see the corresponding information about others either. Such menu lets you mask your current rank and photos from strangers or from everybody. Also there you would be proposed to switch off the notifications about delivery and read status (uncheck boxes at the chat messages). Moreover, if you agree that will affect the ability to learn when your own messages have been read.

7. Sending the current location

iOS users may send their location to somebody by clicking the Share button at the bottom left of the chat and selecting Share Location. Androiders, need to click on the clip icon which is usually using for attaching photos. Open the menu and find the Location there.

WhatsApp iOS

8. Forwarding messages and images

Not everything that happens in WhatsApp chat remains there. Some data can be sent to others if, of course, you have the knowledge of how to do this. First pressing and holding the letter, with following clicking the Forward key  and selecting a new contact will work for Android. iOS makes everything is a little more difficult – press and hold like for Android, but after selecting Forward in order to return back to messenger application, you have to go pass the “share” menu of standard iOS. Also, both operational systems give you the opportunity to choose several lines to send.

In addition to the already presented advantages, WhatsApp has a large number of positive sides. For example, there is no advertisement in the application, which is very pleasant and convenient.

The additional advantageous moment is the extremely low consumption of battery power. In this aspect, WhatsApp is staying ahead of many competitors. Moreover, all the features of the program are very easy to understand to any, even non-experienced, user. The application has a simple and fully understandable interface and only the basic settings.

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