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Basic WhatsApp settings allowing to customize the application – Android version


General WhatsApp settings allow the messenger to work in usual mode – making a call and video calls, sending instant messages and various files to the people who are in user’s contact list. Additionally, there are several supporting apps that make it possible to avoid the basic rules of the application and make it even more useful than before. However, it is also necessary to know how to customize it depending on the customer’s wishes.

Here is the list of a few basic WhatsApp settings that can be easily changed for the comfort usage.

  • Changing application ringtone. The known fact about WhatsApp is that it allows making regular calls not to mention the opportunity to enable video call and even switch between phone and a video To be able to change the sound of the ringtone, as well as sound alerts once the messages are received, Android users needs to jump to “Settings” section. Afterward, go for “Notifications” and choose the melody per your choice.
  • WhatsApp settings

  • Changing WhatsApp phone number. This feature allows the customer to change the phone number verified on WhatsApp on the same device. However, before actually verifying the number, the one can easily change it in the settings. Moreover, the chat history, as well as other data will not be changed. To be able to enable the feature, it is necessary to go to “Settings” section, choose “Account” and “Change Number” options. In the first box, the user ought to mention its first phone number he or she provided the first The second box needs to contain new number given by the customer. It can be verified afterward.
  • Changing WhatsApp Background. Every group chat, as well as the conversation with a particular person always has an image in the background – the wallpaper. It can be easily changed in WhatsApp Settings Section. The user can go for any image and set as the wallpaper from the personal gallery, camera roll and even download supporting an application for setting the images compatible with WhatsApp.
  • WhatsApp Background

  • WhatsApp Theme. The main theme of the application can also be easily changed in the Settings navigation bar. To change the theme, the customer needs to choose “Chat” settings and click on “Wallpaper” option. Afterward, go for the picture from any source (for example, device gallery) and enjoy utilizing the app with a new theme of your personal choice.
  • Changing yourself to invisible. When it comes to refreshing the contact lists, the user gets detailed information about the membership with a particular person from the contacts. In this case, you can easily use one of the tricks on WhatsApp messenger switching yourself to the invisible status. The first way to do that is to block the contact. The second option is deleting the contact from the list, jumping to the “Privacy” section, “My contacts” and switching to “Nobody”.

Developers focused all their attention on sending messages and brought the functionality and usability of the application almost to perfection. One of the most convenient benefits of WhatsApp is that it is not necessary to specifically launch the application to receive notifications of new messages. They come automatically after establishing the Internet connection. The program works steadily even with a bad Internet connection, which can not be said about some of its competitors.

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